The Elite Club of Artisan Panettone

by Andrea Barile on October 11, 2020

Elite Del Panettone Artigianale

Dear friends and customers, we bring you this good news. We are part of the prestigious club The Elite of Artisan Panettone.

Dear Andrea Barile,

we are sure that the greatest results never come by chance and that the choice to apply for this project testifies to the meticulousness that you place every day in the management of natural live yeast, from the study to the deepening of all the factors connected to the realization of a great leavened.

Becoming part of the Elite of Artisan Panettone was a natural step for you as it represents the confirmation of a very specific professional choice that aims to offer its customers a product of an ever higher level.

Hereby the commission formalizes your entry into the L'Élite del Panettone Artigianale club , the beginning of a path of growth and sharing with your colleagues that represents excellence in the field of great leavened products.

With the commitment on our part to carry out this ambitious project and on your part to make it a philosophy of life, we wish you a path full of knowledge and passion for this extraordinary art.

The Staff of the Elite of Artisan Panettone

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